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Tab. FLAGYL 200 – 400mg tds x 7 (Antiamoebic)
Tab. Tinidizole 500mg. bd x after food.
Tab. Secnidazole 2gm. Single dose.
Tab. Spasmindon 1 tds, if colicky Pain (Antispasmodic)
Tab. Lomotil 2 tds, If frequency of stools is more (reduce GI motility)
Avoid oily foods, chillies, Ghee and milk.
Digene Gel 2 tsp tds (to reduce after taste and nausea of anti amoebic drugs).

For recurrent cases:

Tab. Dryade-M 1 tds x 5 x after food or Tab. Tiniba-DF 1 bd x (combination drugs)
Tab. Enteroquinil 1 bd x 15 days.

Amoebic Dysentry is extremely common in India. So Give FLAGYL or Tinidazole for all cases of dysentery, flatulence, indegistion and intestinal colics.

Gastro. Colic reflex (running to latrine after meals) is treat as above. But if it does not respond, leave it alone. It may be physiological.

To reduca metallic taste after Metrinidizole, administer it after meals with antacids and chocolates.

Tab. Tinidizole
Tab. Secnidazole
Tab. Spasmindon
Tab. Lomotil
Digene Gel
Tab. Dryade-M
Tab. Enteroquinil  



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