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   1. Steam inhalation 3-4 times/day. Add to the boiling water – Tinc. Benzoin, Vicks or Amrutanjan.
   2. Warm salt water Gargles )or Wokadine Gargles) x tds.
   3. Syp. ERYTHROCIN 1-2 tsp tds x 5 (Antibiotic)
   4. Syp, Flammar 1tsp tds x 4 (Ibuprofen=antiinflamattory)
   5. Syp. CROCIN 1 tsp. tds if cough (Antiitussive).
   6. Syp. Tixylix 1 tsp. tds if cough (Antitussive).


If recurrent attacks.


Tab. Septilin. 2tds x 1-2 months (Ayurvedic)

Avoid fried foods, Cold drinks, Ice cream.

S.O.S. Tonsillectomy.


When to advise Tonsillectomy?


If attacks of Tonsilitis are frequent. Or child has had> 5 attacks.

If Tonsillar Lymph nodes are persistently enlarged and tender.

When a hidden septic focus is suspected eg. Child having low grage fever, not gaining weight or chronic anorexia.

Persistent dry cough, where no other cause is found.

Mouth breathing, where adenoids are large an obstructing.

Syp, Flammar

Syp. Tixylix
Tab. Septilin


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