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Quotation“ An ailing woman lasts forever”
DefinitionThe commonest type of anaemia caused by decreased iron stores, and charecterised by smaller RBCs (microcytic), carrying less hemoglobin. (hypo chromic)
PrognosisExcellent with iron therapy provided the underlying cause is discovered and treated.
General MeasuresLocating the bleeding site and implementing appropriate therapy is paramount.Patients with low cardiac output, hypoxaemia, or angina would have to be advised lower physical activity.Diet with more protein and iron containing foods like beans, leafy green vegetable and meat.No tetracycline, milk or milk – products to be taken within two hours of taking oral iron.
Advice to PatientIron tablets darken stool, and may discolour urine.As under General measures.
Follow UpRegularly after return to normalcy to ensure non- recurrence.
Inadequate ResponseRule out continuing bleed, usually in G.I. Tract.Investigate for bone-marrow depression.Look for mixed anaemias.
PreventionPeriodic de-worming against hook worms.Ensuring adequate iron intake in diet.Correction of cause in bleeding states.
Reference Fromwww.care.org/publications/anemia/intro.asp


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