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Quotation”Marriage is like vitamins. We supplement each other’s minimum daily requirements.
DefinitionA disorder characterized by anaemia with a rise in the man cell volume of red cells above the normal (80-96ft (femtolitres), due mainly to deficiency of vitamin B12, or folate, (and rarely abnormalities of their metabolism), leading to bone marrow turning megaioblastic.
PrognosisThe prognosis is pernicious anaemia is excellent if diagnosed early, and the treatment has to be continued for life. But if nerologic complications develop, they are reversible if of short duration of less than 6 months. It takes 2 months of treatment for the blood picture to normalize. Folic acid administration cures deficiency state, when the cause if reversible.
General MeasuresFor B12 deficiency- Diet rich in B12 like legumes, met and animalprotein foods is to be givenFoods rich in Folic Acid are liver, green vegetables, and cereals.
Follow UpFor pernicious anaemia, monthly injections of vitamin B12 for life.Also they are advised to get endoscopy done every 3 years to rule out gastric carcinoma, for which they have predilection. They should also have thyroid function assessed every 2 years to rule out hypo or hyperthyroidism.
PreventionEarly detection and treatment of pernicious anaemia. Prophylactic folic acid 400 ugm/day in pregnancy.


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