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Quotation“The only time a woman wishes she was a year older is when she is expecting a baby”.
General MeasuresDiet calls for good nutrition supplying 2500-2700 calories daily with protein 1-1.25 gm/kg body weight. Iron rich foods such as red meat, and vegetable foods like onions, grapes, prunes, betel leaves, green vegetables, jaggery, dates, etc. Tea, phytates, antacids prevent iron absorption.  Folates are found in animal foods like liver, and meat, and vegetable foods like spinach, coriander, amaranthus, moringa etc.  Vitamin  B12 is found in animal sources like meat, liver fish, and vegetarian sources like curd, cheese, panneer, yeast etc. since daily requirement is just 1-1.5 mcg daily, and the vitamin is stored in the body, deficiency is very rare, and found in malabsorptive states like sprue, blind loop syndrome etc.
Reference From http://www.rxmed.com/illness/anemia_during-pregnancy.html


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