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TreatmentWhenever a patient complains of left sided chest pain, arm pain or jaw pain, First ask yourself- is it related to Heart?

Suspect Angina whenever:

   1. Pain is experienced on left side of chest or retrosternally.
   2. If pain radiates to Left jaw, left shoulder or medical aspect of left arm.
   3. If pain appears on exertion and disappears on rest.
   4. Confirmary test is disappearance of pain with sublingual sorbitrate.

Avoid Exertion:

If possible change to sedentary job. In particular avoid sudden exertions like running to catch bus, moving furniture in house, climbing stairs in a hurry etc.

Reduce weight if overweight.

Low fat diet. Use sunflower oil for cooking.

Coronary vasodilators:

Nitrate or Dilitiazem or both. Tab. ISORDIL 10 mg tds & S.O.S. or Tab ISmo-20 1 bd or Tab. Dilzem 30mg. 1 tds.

Anti Thrombotics:

Tab. Dynasprin 1 bd (Aspirin + dipyridamole) or Tab. Disprin ½ OD + Tab. PERSANTIN 1 bd.

Tab. TICLOVAS 250mg. 1 bd.

If acute pain

For instant pain relief.

Stop physical activity immediately.

Sublingual sorbitrate or Angised 1 tablet stat sublingually.

Adjuvant therapy:

Check B.P Control hypertension with Beta blocker.

Tab Lopressor, Tab. Atenol

Check. S. Cholestrol

If high.

Stop oil, ghee, butter, fried foods.

Use sunflower oil or suffola oil for cooking.

Tab. Rovacor 10-20 mg / day

Check Blood Sugar

Control Diabetes if present.

If pain is nor controlled by drugs, if pain is severe or if it occur frequently, Refer the patient to cardiologist for stress test and angiography

Cap. Ovista 1 OD (anti oxidants for primary atherosclerosis)

Other drugs used in past for Angina:

Tab. Isoptin 40mg

Tab. INDERAL 10-40mg.

Tab. Depin 10-20 mg

Tab. Iladamen 8mg.

Angina can be a typical, with pain only in epigastrium or left lower jaw or left shoulder and arm. The confirmatory test is immediate relief with sublingual Isodril.

If anginal pain persists even after taking sorbitrate, think of Myocardial Infarct.

If a toothache in left lower molar persists even after tooth extraction. Think of Angina.

It is wiser to detect angina early and refer for investigations and Bypass surgery, that to wait till an infarct develops. At the same time, if the patient cannot afford Bypass surgery at all, then there is no point in spending on stress test and coronary angiography.

Leave him alone on medical treatment.


Tab ISmo-20
Tab. Dilzem
Tab. Dynasprin
Tab. Disprin
Cap. Ovista


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