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Quotation“ Pain hardens and great pain hardens greatly… suffering does not ennoble though it may occasionally lend a certain rigid diginity of manner to the suffering frame.”
DefinitionA chronic progressive inflammatory disease of spinal joints sacroiliac, hip, shoulder and occasionally peripheral joint.
PrognosisVaries with almost all patients having persistent symptoms throughout, but 10% get very disabled in 10 years. Prognosis good if mobility and upright posture are maintained. Early (<2 years) hip involvement portends poorer diagnosis. The impact of therapy on disease progression is unknown as disease may evolve slowly over 20 years.
General MeasuresPosture training and full range of movements for spine is very essential part of therapy. Attention to posture throughout  day and night is essential. Regular and daily physiotherapy should be insisted upon. To sleep on a firm bed in a prone position or spine without a pillow. Breathing exercised regularly, 2-3-times a day.
Advice to PatientStop smoking.Rest as under General measures
Follow UpBi-monthly follow up to monitor posture and exercises.
Reference Fromwww.nlm.nih.gov/medlieplus/ankylosingspondylitis.html


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